About Us

Gemroe was started in 2019 by an Australian couple- Em and Rolly. You can see where the ‘roe’ part of Gemroe comes from. We had started many online businesses together it seemed fitting that at least one of them had a reference to both of our names.

We began this website whilst looking for engagement rings, (read ‘looking’ as: extensive research), and came across Moissanite. Em had always wanted to have a beautiful ring, always drawn to jewellery stores, and was called a magpie on occasion. However she was never interested in paying a house-deposit-worth of money on a diamond, strongly believing that De Beer’s “2 month salary” rule was absolutely ludicrous. In addition, after some discussion we agreed that both of us were less than happy with the ethics behind natural diamonds.

This left us with diamond alternatives or lab grown diamonds. As lab-grown diamonds are almost just as expensive as natural diamonds, we researched further into alternatives. Affording the ring was not the issue we faced, it was simply that Em felt that wearing around $6000-$12,000 on her finger was silly and a bit of a liability.

In all of this research, there were very very few websites that compared moissanite to other moissanite, every website we visited they were all promoting their own products- which is understandable of course. There is no one-stop-shop for information on what the various brands provide or where to buy the cheapest moissanite or most high-end moissanite. If you put ‘best moissanite brand’ into google, it pops up with Reddit. This is a great resource for looking for people’s opinions and starting disucssions, but it doesn’t have all the answers in one place.

Gemroe hopes to be the most succinct website out there to help you find the best moissanite for your engagement. It also aims to help people who aren’t sure about what gem to choose for their ring, make an informed decision about all their options, and that they don’t have to compromise the beauty of their centre stone for a price tag, the environment, and morals.



Our Mission: to provide information on everything moissanite, and encourage ethical and environmental decisions for jewellery purchasing.