The best moissanite cuts that look the most like diamond

Whether or not you love moissanite for it's own beauty, a lot of us are looking for it as a diamond replacement.

Below are the top 5 cuts that make moissanite look most like diamond

1. Round

The most popular choice for an engagement ring will forever be the round cut. This cut can only be described as timeless. Lucky for moissanite, it also happens to be the most similar to a diamond when you compare the two. Most people cannot actually tell the difference between a high grade round cut diamond and a moissanite. Check out this video of people attempting to guess between the two!

2. Oval

The diamond shape trend for 2019 for engagement rings is undeniably the oval cut. A classic cut, it performs amazingly well in moissanite. In addition, oval moissanite looks great even as you scale up your stone size- no need to compromise on a small stone if you’re trying to ‘pass it off’ as a diamond- the oval cut will look just as real in bigger sizes.

3. Emerald

Emerald cut is a less traditional diamond shape that has been gaining popularity on social media, and is a great choice for a partner who likes to be different. Moissanite shines bright in any step cut style, and the whiter DEF colour in moissanite makes emerald cut a great choice, making it indistinguishable from diamond. Unlike it’s sister, the radiant cut, these two rectangular cuts are miles apart in diamond simulation, with emerald performing significantly better than the radiant cut.

4. Cushion

Cushion cut, just like a round cut, will always be one of the most common choices for a centre stone. For moissanite, you can get either a brilliant, crushed ice, or antique cut cushion. In our humble opinion, if you’re looking for the most diamond like cushion, opting for the ‘crushed ice’ style is your best bet. See the very informative video below from the ever helpful Fire and Brilliance owner Michael Nguyen. This video can show you, better than we can explain, the comparable stones.


5. Pear

Pear cut stones are an elegant choice, and will be fashionable whether you’re 25 or 85 years old. This is probably the most dainty cut of all shapes, and it comes up remarkably well in moissanite. Pear cuts have the classic large facets in the wider part of the stone, and then have many tiny cuts as they move towards the narrow part, so there’s plenty to be mesmerised by. Moissanite doesn’t struggle at all when copying diamond in this regard, and we think you’d be extremely hard pressed to be dissapointed when comparing moissanite to diamond in the pear shape. 

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