The best moissanite suppliers and brands in Australia

The best moissanite suppliers and brands in Australia

There are only TWO Moissanite brands where you can see it for yourself in person in Australia

1. Cullen Moissanite


Cullen Moissanite is a small business based in Melbourne started by Jordan Cullen in 2017. They use Radiant Beauty Moissanite and have the choice of brilliant cut or crushed ice. Gemroe owners Em & Rolly ordered their moissanite radiant cut stone from Cullen Moissanite, and were extremely impressed with the quality of the stone. 

They have a showroom in Kew, Melbourne that you can see by appointment their products for yourself. Otherwise, the company does free returns in 20days if you order loose moissanite stones only. This is a great option because there are so few places in Australia where you can see moissanite for yourself. Cullen Moissanite also offers custom jewellery, or their own select designs. 

2. MoiMoi from American Swiss

If you are looking to see Moissanite in person for the first time in Australia, an easy way to do this is by visiting an American Swiss store . MoiMoi is kind of like the Goldmark or Wallace Bishop of moissanite- it’s not one of a kind or custom made, it’s got the most common style of rings, but these are always going to be crowd pleasers. They have some very nice designs, ranging from classic solitaire to antique-style, are well priced, and it’s the most accessible option if you’ve never seen moissanite before. If you visit and American Swiss store, the only drawback is that they do not offer alterations or customisation of any kind, so if you are looking for a personal touch to your jewellery, you won’t find it there. MoiMoi itself does offer custom designs, but only online, using a CAD (computer aided design). This will cost you $150 to get the CAD, and if you go through with the purchase this amount will be taken off the final price of the ring. 

All other Moissanite options are online that ship to Australia

1. Charles and Colvard

Charles and Colvard is the original patent holder of moissanite, and they were the only company able to produce the gem until 2015. For this reason they are the ultimate authority on moissanite, having created a few different types of mossanite through alternate cutting methods. If you are looking for 100% guaranteed quality and are a bit of an originator, then Charles and Colvard is for you. They are however, slightly more expensive than some of the other brands popping up since the patent ran out because they can proclaim the original brand title- it doesn’t mean the other companies aren’t as quality though.

2. Fire and Brilliance

Fire and Brilliance are the next up and coming moissanite retailer. They are certainly giving Charles and Colvard a run for their money for who is the biggest name in moissanite. They have an excellent educational YouTube channel ran by the owner and CEO himself Michael Nguyen,  who takes you through some side-by-side comparison videos, showcases, quality control and general information about Moissanite. Fire and Brilliance have also created their own line of moissanite cuts- “FAB Brilliant Moissanite” and also “First Crush Crushed Ice”. In addition they also offer custom jewellery.

3. I Heart Moissanite

I heart Moissanite is based in Sydney but it is currently only online, servicing mostly Australia, US, and New Zealand. They are extremely reasonably priced, have a huge range of styles, but do not offer custom jewellery. 

There are many more options to buy Moissanite online, for the full list of availabilites go to best moissanite suppliers and brands

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