Problems with Moissanite

Over 1400 people search for moissanite problems every month. What are they? What is BAD about moissanite?

Obviously we at Gemroe here think moissanite is pretty cool, but we want to be as open and honest about moissanite as possible. This post hopefully is going to answer some of the questions and doubts people have about moissanite and choosing it as a diamond alternative, or just for their jewellery in general. 

We're going to cover the problems with moissanite, but also some misconceptions too that are widely believed.

1. It's not diamond

Well, you knew this already if you’ve been on our website for more than about 2 seconds. However, for some people this is a deal breaker. Diamond is steeped in tradition since the 1920’s, and choosing an alternative gem is still a little “out there”.  Going against the grain is not always popular with some people as they feel like they aren’t keeping up with the Jones’s. The biggest problem with moissanite for some people is that they have to explain their ring choice to others. Fearing other people’s judgment is actually a huge factor in choosing moissanite over diamond specifically.  In the popular forum Reddit, there have been many comments about disappointed mothers when they find out that the ring is not made of diamond. We at gemroe applaud people for choosing moissanite as an alternative and proudly show it off, but this isn’t for everyone and we totally get that. 

2. It loses it's luster over time (False!)

Luckily for moissanite, this one is actually untrue. It will sparkle forever just like diamond. However, there have been some reports out there of a film or ‘oil slick’ covering the stone after many years of wear. This comes off with a polishing cloth or by having it cleaned by a jeweller. This may seem unappealing to purchasers, and rightly so, which is why we feel it’s necessary to bring attention to it. On the other hand, it’s reversible, and the stone itself does not lose it’s luster. See this post here from weddingbee with a real life example of moissanite’s durabilty after 9 years.


You can see here the ‘oil slick’ like when you look down at a gas station- it’s the purpley hues at the crown of the gem.


After cleaning off the oil slick. Completely gone!

3. The disco ball effect

Many people find one of the biggest turn-offs about moissanite is that it reflects a huge range of colours. It’s flashier than diamond and gives off a lot of rainbow, and less pure white light compared with diamond. Gemroe and die-hard moissanite lovers think this is a huge positive, but for those trying to simulate diamond think it’s a big drawback. It’s one of the top deciding factors if you don’t like this effect and can sometimes put people off. Em’s ring is a radiant cut, and she doesn’t seem to have this issue unless it is in direct sunlight; and when that happens she just marvels at how amazing the stone looks!


4. It's harder to see it in person

Moissanite is still considered up-and-coming because it’s considerable less common in jewellery stores than cubic zirconia or diamond. It’s nearly impossible to see it first hand in Australia or Canada, and the problem with moissanite is that it’s hard for an unknown gem to really take off if you can’t see it yourself. Americans have a bit more luck with Helzberg, LaurenB, and Jhollywood designs all having shops you can visit, but outside the United States, moissanite is rarer than diamonds.

5. He spends less on the ring

This sounds like a silly point, but for a lot of women the fact that a man is willing to drop upwards of $6,000 on a ring, means a lot to them. The perceived value of diamond is not only in the gemstone itself, but for many women it’s a representation of how much they mean to their fiancé. The problem with moissanite here is that it offers a financially sensible alternative without compromising on quality, but these traditions have been going on for decades. The expectation of one’s partner to save 2 or 3 months salary to buy the perfect ring is now perfectly normal, and for some, an essential part of getting engaged. The most frustrating part about this is that you don’t HAVE to spend all that money on the ring- moissanite is just chilling here waiting for you to discover it, but some women will want the ‘real thing’ regardless of finances.

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