Types of moissanite cuts

Forever One, Hearts and Arrows, Crushed Ice, Old European, Brilliant, First Crush, Forever Brilliant, the list goes on...

There is SO much terminology when it comes to Moissanite, and a lot of sites are promoting their own line of Moissanite (which is totally fair).

This is pretty darn confusing because who on earth knows what a “Hearts and Arrows” Cut is?Let’s break it down simply, each ‘cut’ style will give you a different looking gem, there is a decent amount of variation between each and depending on your own personal preference there will be features you like and dislike.

We have decided to distinguish between them using 3 cut syles: Brilliant, Crushed, and Antique style. All of the other names and terms for the moissanite cut fall into each of these categories, but there are still differences within these categories. 

1. Brilliant Cut

Brilliant cut is the most traditional diamond cutting style, and this includes the Forever One, Hearts and Arrows (Harro), Forever Brilliant, Forever Classic, FAB Moissanite, SUPERNOVA, NEO. I know, thats a bit much to take in right?

All of these cuts have in common the ‘brilliant cut’ style with minor changes in design between them. We’ve summarised it in this table below, but pretty much all of these brilliant cuts will be the most “blingy” style of moissanite. The biggest pro vs con of moissanite vs diamond is the defining feature of moissanite called the ‘disco ball effect’- this is essentially referring to the brilliance of the gem, it reflects a huge array of colours in a rainbow. Diamond on the other hand reflects mostly white light. Interestingly enough though, if you want the moissanite to look the MOST like diamond, I would recommend the brilliant cut. However, if you what you dislike about moissanite is this disco ball effect, I would recommend the ‘crushed ice’ look in the next section.

Brilliant Cut Name Supplier Features
Forever Classic Charles & Colvard Colours J - K (warm hues)
Forever One Charles & Colvard Colours D-E-F (colourless)
Forever Brilliant Charles & Colvard Colours G-H-I (near colourless)
NEO Fire and Brilliance
Supernova Fire and Brilliance
Hearts and Arrows Charles and Colvard

2. Crushed Ice

The term crushed ice refers to literally just that- making the gem appear as crushed up ice. This essentially means that there are a lot more facets in the moissanite, giving it a slightly whiter appearance. The style yields a less intense ‘disco ball’ effect as discussed above, so if that’s something you dislike about moissanite, the crushed ice cut may be for you. 

Also known from Fire & Brilliance as “First Crush” the examples below are from their site.


3. Antique Cut

Also known as ‘old mine cut’ or ‘old european cut’, this cut is described in it’s name- an old school way of cutting diamonds and now moissanites too. There are a few distinguishing features between brilliant cuts and old european cuts. Firstly, it has a different faceting pattern and they are larger facets.  This is the most obvious feature and you can see clearly the different appearance of the stone here. 

it has a dot

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