Why choose Moissanite?

There are three main reasons why we at Gemroe believe Moissanite is superior to a diamond. Yes, superior we say.

1. The obvious one: Cost.

The engagement ring, the engagement party, the wedding, the honeymoon. It is no secret that getting hitched can be an expensive affair. Trying to afford all of these things within a year or two can put more stress on a happily engaged couple than is needed. So why not start your engagment by making a sensible choice? Don’t compromise on the ring, but make an informed decision about what you are really buying.

It’s no hidden fact that moissanite is cheaper than diamond. The perceived value of diamond is just that- perceived. Since the INCREDIBLY successful marketing campaign by the De Beer diamond company, from the 1950s it has been believed that to show your true love the only worthy way- with a diamond. The scarcity, monopoly of supply, and difficult ground extraction of diamond has hiked prices up to the point where the highest quality 1  carat diamond can be upwards of $20,000. To get an even remotely affordable diamond of $4,000 you are compromising on the colour, size or clarity- the diamond may look dirty or yellow in a large size, or may be smaller than what you would like. Moissanite is manufactured so if you source from a good company, it will be a high grade colour, clarity, and cut, at a fraction of the cost.

In recent times, the younger population has shifted their engagement ring style to using ethically sourced gems, lab grown diamonds, and coloured gems in an effort to be more economically savvy, which we applaud.

2. Environment

We are based in Australia, and at this moment some of the worst bush fires are raging across the states of Victoria and New South Wales. More and more people across the world are becoming concerned with their environmental impact. Without getting political, we believe this is one of the most important aspects of jewellery choice to consider. Getting diamonds out of the ground- or any mined stone- is a huge operation, clearing masses of land and significant carbon footprints are left due to mining. 

Moissanite is a conflict free gem, not requiring any mining, and depending on where you get your ring made, so is the jewellery itself. We try to recommend companies that use recycled jewellery, but for completeness of range and remaining neutral in political topics, some of them do not.

3. The sparkle

Although we tend not to admit to eachother, the point of an engagement ring is to be a bit flashy, to show off your eternal love. When compared with diamond, moissanite has a higher refractive index- this means it has more sparkle. If you put them side by side, the moissanite will be more brilliant. It reflects a wider range of colours, and in our humble opinion, it looks better than diamond.

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